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Flex-N-Gate Discovers the many benefits a FANUC cobot solution can provide.

体育盘口Flex-N-Gate, a supplier of bumpers, exterior trim, lighting, chassis assemblies and other automotive products, uses inspection systems at their Ventra Ionia, Michigan plant to ensure product quality。 To help improve these processes, reduce costs and save floor space, Flex-N-Gate turned to FANUC for a collaborative robot solution, leveraging FANUC America's 24/7/365 service network to support their cobot systems for a completely successful integration。

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Picking, packaging and palletizing -

On packaging and palletizing lines, FANUC Collaborative Robots can be used to carry out dull, repetitive, dirty and dangerous handling tasks, freeing up staff to perform more complex and diversified jobs requiring human skills.


Dispensing -

Whether they are used to apply sealants, adhesives, paints or other fluids, FANUC Collaborative Robots work side-by-side with people across a range of industries。


Machining and assembly - Courtesy of

FANUC’s Collaborative Robots are used to lift and position heavy components on machining and assembly lines, preventing the risk of repetitive strain injuries among assembly line workers. The repeatability offered by using a FANUC collaborative robot for these processes improves quality and reduces cycle times.


Machine tending and part inspection -

FANUC Collaborative Robots are ideally suited for machine tending applications that frequently require an operator’s presence。 FANUC Collaborative Robots can also carry out quality control checks as part of the handling process, eliminating the need for an additional workstation。


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